The Boat

‘Temptation’ is a 58ft x 32ft aluminium high performance sailing catamaran, which was built by the owner/operator in Adelaide, South Australia.

Temptation is not designed as a commercial vessel but a passenger charter vessel. It is twice as wide as most vessels its size, this means greater stability and is designed to cut through water, rather then bouncing over them, all this adds up to a smoother cruise. Temptation only has small engines (2 x 37.5hp) and uses the sails on most cruises, this limits the diesel fumes. Temptation also uses Bio diesel fuel, limiting one of the main reasons of sea-sickness – Diesel fumes.

Temptation is survey registered to hold 50 passengers and can travel anywhere in the world, making it an extremely stable vessel in SA waters.

Berthed at Adelaide’s favourite beach resort, Glenelg, where a wide range of cafes and restaurants are just steps from the boarding berth. A perfect site for special occasions and leaving for magical experiences with one of nature’s most intelligent creatures, the dolphin.

Operating short cruises from the Marina Pier Holdfast Shores Marina, Glenelg, sailing has never been this accessible in South Australia.


Environmental Commitments

  • To provide a 100% ‘Wild’ dolphin encounter, that doesn’t impact the environment or alter the dolphin’s natural behaviour.
  • To educate customers on dolphin conservation and teaching them to respect dolphins’ habitat.
  • To offset 100% of Temptation Sailing carbon emissions by 2020.
  • To ensure Temptation Sailing and staff members conduct tours in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Temptation Sailing to conduct research on every dolphin swim and watch tour to monitor dolphin numbers, location and behaviour. This information can be used to assist with further dolphin conservation projects.