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Environmental Sustainability






Wildlife Encounters

On our Wild Dolphin Tours, we provide our customers with a unique wildlife encounter with memories to last a lifetime which is central to the experience we provide. For our business to continue its long term success, it is critical that our wildlife encounters have the smallest impact possible. We do not feed or attempt to touch the dolphins and allow them to approach us on their own terms which occurs often due to their curious and playful nature. If the dolphins choose not to interact with the boat and our swimmers, we leave them alone to move on and search for another pod.

We operate in the Gulf of St. Vincent which is home to over a thousand dolphins with two species occurring within our waters. We are always seeing different dolphins, further minimising our impact. During our swims, we instruct our swimmers to be respectful of the dolphins when in the water, ensuring they do not splash or reach out to try and touch the dolphins. These practices help to ensure the dolphins continue to enjoy our company in their environment and continue to provide us with the incredible interactions on their terms.

Eco Certification

Temptation Sailing has been Advanced Eco Certified through EcoTourism Australia since 2015. Advanced Ecotourism consists of Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism products that operate with minimal impact on the environment. Advanced Ecotourism operators provide opportunities to learn about the environment with operators who are committed to achieving best practice, using resources wisely, contributing to conserving the environment and helping local communities.

Carbon Footprint

At Temptation Sailing, we partnered with Greenfleet to minimise our carbon footprint and have become Carbon Neutral in 2021. Greenfleet offset our carbon emissions by planting biodiverse native forests in Australia and New Zealand to absorb carbon out the atmosphere. For more information, visit www.greenfleet.com.au

We use solar powered electronics, run small engines at low speeds and sail when practical to use the least amount of fuel possible. We also educate our customers on what they can do to reduce their impact on the environment and develop an appreciation and understanding of human impacts on the marine environment.

Our team is passionate about volunteering our time towards notable causes including beach cleanups, coastal restoration programs and coastal monitoring programs.


We believe tourism can be a powerful force for good and should benefit both the people who enjoy our tours and the environment in which we operate. Temptation Sailing has partnered with local Universities to collect data for research from Temptation during our Wild Dolphin Cruise. Our goal is to create a greater understanding of the two dolphin species occurring along Adelaide’s metropolitan coast, helping to ensure these charismatic marine mammals will be around for generations to come. The information gathered from this research will be used to build on the body of scientific knowledge on Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) and short-beaked common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) within the Gulf of St. Vincent and improve our practices to ensure our tours are sustainable. We will also use the information collected to educate our customers and the wider public to inspire a greater appreciation, understanding and awareness of our beautiful dolphins.


At Temptation Sailing, we believe in giving back to the local community and environment. We commit to looking after local beaches by attending and hosting beach cleans, coastal restoration programs and ecosystem monitoring programs. We are striving to get a seabin installed in the Glenelg Marina to collect rubbish and keep our beautiful coastlines clean.

Carbon Neutral

Funds donated towards dolphin research

Low fuel

Dolphin research conducted by onboard Marine Biologists


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