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Temptation was designed and built in 1999 by the original owners, Stephen and Karen Waites to do snorkelling trips out to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Temptation was being built during the same period as the Glenelg Marina Pier was being developed. Coincidentally, both the Marina and Temptation were completed around the same time and it was decided that Temptation would be taken to the new Marina facility as the only operating charter vessel. Upon an initial year of success, Temptation found its new home in the Glenelg Marina Pier and has been running tours since 2000.

Temptation went out on daily cruises and over time, the local dolphin population started to interact with the vessel. In April 2001 a young dolphin with its mother made the Glenelg Marina Pier its safe haven. This dolphin named Jade, became a large draw card for Temptation and the restaurants in the precinct which sparked an idea.

The Temptation Team travelled far and wide throughout Australia and New Zealand to talk to dolphin tourism operators to find the most ethical and consistent methods. The conclusion was to legislate a code of practice and zoning for South Australia. This was approved and has now transformed into our Wild Dolphin Tour, an experience that is possibly the best of its kind in the world hosted by our amazing team of Marine Biologists.


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We’re a local company with a local team! We have a straightforward goal of providing our customers with an enjoyable and memorable experience while having a minimal impact on the environment in which we operate. We are a young, friendly team and pride ourselves on our customer service and providing you with memories that you will remember for a lifetime!




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