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Wild Dolphin Tour

Temptation Sailing invites you to swim alongside or watch wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphins are one of the Earth’s most fascinating, curious and interactive species. Our Advanced Eco Certified Wild Dolphin Tours are hosted by our amazing team of Marine Biologists who will educate and assist you throughout the tour. An incredible experience you will never forget!

Wild Dolphin Swim

Temptation is the first vessel in South Australia to be given a licence to swim with these magnificent mammals and has been operating successful dolphin swim and watch tours from Glenelg since 2002.

We offer two different swim experiences during our Wild Dolphin Swim, a Front Swim Experience and a Back Swim Experience. On a typical day, swimmers get the opportunity to try both swim experiences, however some days swimmers may only get to try one. Our goal is to provide all swimmers an interaction with a dolphin underwater and our friendly staff will do their best to ensure the best quality experience possible for you and your group.

Front Swim Experience

Lay down and feel as if you’re a part of the dolphin pod, our Front Swim is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Our custom made Front Swim net is secured between the bows of Temptation, allowing customers to experience wild dolphins swimming within arms length, playing and socialising on the bow of Temptation.

Back Swim Experience

Submerge yourself in the water with our Back Swim Experience, an amazing way to view wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

Our Back Swim Experience allows customers to interact with dolphins from a truly unique perspective. Jump in and hold on to our mermaid lines off the back of the vessel and enjoy amazing interactions our wild dolphins offer.

Please note: We generally operate both swim experiences during our Wild Dolphin Tour and rotate customers between the Front Swim and Back Swim Experiences. We aim to ensure a quality and evenly spread interaction time for all of our swimmers with the Dolphins.

Swim Highlights

Wild dolphins in their natural habitat

Hosted by Marine

All swim gear

Multiple swim

Wild Dolphin Watch

For those who aren’t keen to get wet, you can watch the dolphins play and interact with Temptation whilst on board.

Sit back, relax and watch from the front of Temptation and enjoy our 360 degree viewing deck. Watch the dolphins play on the bow of the boat, swimming only a few feet away from you and your camera!

Listen to our knowledgeable Marine Biologists as they educate and explain the interactions we have with our amazing Indo-Pacific bottlenose and short-beaked common dolphins.

Watch Highlights

Amazing photo opportunities

Hosted by Marine

Wild Dolphins in their natural habitat

360 degree
viewing deck


At Temptation, we strive to ensure we are as sustainable as possible. We partnered with Greenfleet in 2021 to offset our Carbon Emissions through their carbon offset program which plants native flora in Australia and New Zealand. We use solar powered electrics, light engines and sail when practical to limit our fuel usage.

We strongly believe that in order to maintain our long-term success rate on our Wild Dolphin Tour (and to look after our dolphins!), we must ensure we have a minimal impact on Adelaide’s wild dolphin population.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! We use the same boat for both the swim and the watch which can both be booked together or separately – you will be on the same boat regardless!

This is very common with a number of our passengers, so over the years we have refined our briefing and techniques to accommodate the most nervous of dolphin swimmers.

  • Upon boarding Temptation, you will be given a full length 5mm wetsuits, which also act as a full body floatation device
  • You are given a briefing from our crew on what to do and what not do when entering and being in the water
  • Colour visual charts are used to help show what to do and what not do when entering and being in the water
  • Our fully experienced crew will demonstrate how to use your mask and snorkel and can provide assistance when trying masks on
  • All swimmers must hold onto a floatation line connected to the stern of Temptation
  • If at the end of the briefing and snorkel demonstration you are still not confident in entering the water, you can stay on-board and do the dolphin watch and e will refund you the difference between the watch > swim price to you if you booked directly.

Please note our swims are fully controlled, therefore you are not freely swimming in the open ocean.

Unfortunately our insurance does not allow children under the age of 9 to participate in the Wild Dolphin Swim, however children are more than welcome to watch the dolphins from on board our boat!

At Temptation Sailing we do have an extremely high success rate and it is very rare that we do not get all customers to see a dolphin whilst on board (we have never had a day where the we haven’t seen dolphins from above the water!)

In the case that we do not see any dolphins from above water during the cruise, passengers are welcome to come back out on board free of charge within one year from the date of the tour. This cannot be passed on to friends or family. If you are travelling from interstate or overseas and cannot make it back out on board within the year, we will provide a 50% refund (FOR DIRECT BOOKINGS ONLY).

For swimmers who did not get the opportunity to see dolphins underwater, we will refund the difference between the watch and the swim (FOR DIRECT BOOKINGS ONLY) or swimmers are able to come back on board to try again within one year from the date of the tour.

Yes! However, you will only be able to participate in the front swim experience

We operate two high powered shark shields during our back swim experience which can short-circuit a pacemaker.

Please find our swim instructional video here


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